The Conscious Awakening Network (CAN) is a progressive media platform that provides inspirational programs on humanity’s evolutionary path. We offer 100’s of hours of videos to help expand your awareness, evolve your consciousness, and transform your body/mind/spirit. Our “out-of-the-box” interviews and educational programming includes topics such as ancient origins angelics, walk-ins, hybrids, starseed, extraterrestrials, ascension, deep space, contact, spiritual awakenings, channeling, health & healing, light language, the paranormal and more.

Our forward-thinking videos help to normalize conservations around topics traditionally considered “taboo”.

About Us

The Conscious Awakening Network is dedicated to the expansion of consciousness, spirituality and universal awareness.

Our programming offers something for everyone, from those just starting on their spiritual journey to those who have been exploring these topics for years. With speakers and teachers from around the world, we provide access to some of the best information and resources available on conscious expansion, quantum science, and spirituality.