Sheila Seppi is a soul exchange walk-in. She entered the body of a 38-year-old mother with three children and was immediately healed from documented illnesses. She took on a new personality with spiritual gifts and memories she didn’t even believe in. Her life was transformed, and she has never been the same. Sheila is an author, speaker, multidimensional life coach, healer, regression therapist, ordained minister and Founder of the Conscious Awakening Network, The Galactic Alliance, SheilaSeppi LLC, and Spirit Way Ministries. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Metaphysics and master’s degree in Metaphysical Sciences from the University of Metaphysical Sciences in California. In 2022, Sheila was guided by her spiritual collective to develop the Conscious Awakening Network and began to invite other conscious content providers to join her. Today, this network is comprised of some of the top presenters in the field of conscious expansion. To learn more about Sheila and her work, visit her websites below.


Glenda Dawson, Owner, and Founder of Glenda’s Magical Creations Spiritual Center, in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, is an Ordained, Non-Denominational Minister. Glenda is, also, a Holistic and Spiritual Teacher, Published Author, Usui Reiki Grandmaster/Teacher 22nd Level, Karuna Ki Reiki Grandmaster/Teacher, Kundalini Reiki Grandmaster/Teacher, Elemental Reiki Grandmaster/Teacher, Right Hand Path Reiki Grandmaster Magus Adult and Children’s Teacher 10th Level, Shaman, DNA Activation Practitioner, Renowned and Published Multi Clair Psychic and Medium, Tarot/Angel Card Reader/Teacher, Past Life Regression Practitioner, Animal Communicator, Multidimensional Channeler, Angelic Communicator/Channeler, and Healer, Ascended Masters Communicator/Channeler, Conscious Channeler, Spiritual Life/Intuitive Coach/Mentor, Paranormal Investigator/Remediator, and Light Language Translator.


Experience dynamic information and entertainment from prominent New Thought Leaders, Luminaries & Artists from around the world. Explore evolutionary topics including personal and social transformation, as well as spiritual awakening, that inspires hope, community connection, and illumination. Co-Founders of the Global Peace Tribe For over 45 years, Debra Giusti has been on the leading edge of progressive culture, growing a series of businesses that support personal growth, healthy lifestyles, spirituality, and community connection. From 1978 – 2011 she produced Harmony Festival, a well-known music/art/eco festival that drew 30,000+ participants. During the pandemic from April 2020 – December 2021, she produced 90 episodes of the inspirational virtual variety show, “Saturday Night Alive for the Global Peace Tribe. “Wishing Well Promotions”, promotes transformational online courses, events and resources to 250,000 subscribers. Debra is the author of the book, Activate Your Soul Tribe and Ascension Tips. Scott had a very successful career as a writer, director, and producer of Educational Programming, where he won multiple Emmy Awards and reached millions of people through his productions. As a Master Relationship Coach, Scott has supported thousands of couples, families, and companies. Since April of 2020, Scott has hosted and produced over 500 online shows under the titles of "SATURDAY NIGHT ALIVE", "STRAIGHT TALK", "SACRED SUNDAYS" and "THE AWAKENING WORLD”. He continues to collaborate with leading New Thought Leaders & Organizations, including the famous and the "Next Generation" of Luminaries.


Marilyn Harper has been called the Bette Midler of the new age movement and is considered a “Midwestern Spiritual Spark Plug”! She is a world-renowned speaker, messenger for Adironnda & the Council of Light, facilitates The Channeler’s Method, the Channeler’s Academy and Holographic Healing Certification courses. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Education and prior to her walk-in experience, had completed her classwork for a Masters of Arts degree. She is a Reiki Master, Karuna Master, Quantum Touch practitioner, a certified intuitive consultant, certified remote viewer, certified Peak Potentials trainer and has been listed twice in Who’s Who in America. She has developed her own method of healing she calls Holographic Healing. 
Before becoming a spiritual life coach, Marilyn was a deacon in the Christian church.  She became a walk-in soul exchange on April 22, 1993, in the Springfield, Missouri hospital at the age of 41. 


Rayania is Emissary of the Universe. She is intuitive Guide, Heart Alchemist and Channel for Universal Wisdom. ´ She empowers people to step into their higher timelines through healing their wounds and deepening their connection with the divine. She is passionate in supporting people to awaken to their power and potentials. Rayania brings through higher consciousness not only in direct verbal transmission but energetic re-calibration. She holds loving space for people to heal and reconnect with themselves. She enjoys creating conscious conversations to uplift, lighten people up and raise consciousness.


Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, Ph.D., is the co-creator of Exoconsciousness. She is a futurist, author, coach, and host of the television show, Contact and Exoconsciousness. 
 Exoconsciousness is the innate human ability to contact, communicate, and co-create with ETs, spiritual, and multidimensional beings. It advances emotional integration, psychic intelligence, and spiritual evolution. In addition, Exoconsciousness promotes innovations to ease humanity's healthy transition into the post-disclosure era. A life-long contactee, Rebecca's online individual and group Exoconscious Coaching™ and Co-Creative Intensive strengthen and integrate participants' psychic experiences to advance their contributions, expertise, and leadership.


Rob Gauthier is a deep trance channeler and has publicly channeled since 2010. Rob is one of the most respected trance-channelers in the world. For more than a decade, he has helped thousands of individuals receive clarity on their life path and mission. Rob primarily works with three main guides - Aridif, Treb Bor Yit-Ne, and Metatron - but has channeled hundreds of ET consciousnesses. Rob is a international an in-demand speaker and teacher and has been featured in many documentaries, internet shows, interviews, and books for his unique channeling abilities. Rob shares thousands of hours of his channeling on YouTube for free.


Jed knocked Brandy up in high school and they've been doing life together ever since. They retired at 38, have 4 kids, and have been married 20 years now. They've run and biked ultra-marathons, sailed the ocean, traveled the world, flipped buildings, and opened a bar in the middle of COVID. They are serial entrepreneurs, always seeking adventure and challenges to live life to the fullest. Most of what they do seems bat-shit crazy, making them more certifiable than certified. Jed and Brandy are being real and vulnerable as they share their experiences on their podcast. By sharing their story, as well as interviewing others who are brave enough to do life differently and embrace EPIC shit, they hope to encourage you to grab life by the horns...or the balls and live it on your own terms. Join them in getting UNcertified.


Kiara Windrider is a therapist, healer, and evolutionary catalyst. With a Master's in Transpersonal Psychology, he has been inspired by the teachings of Integral Yoga, Kashmir Shaivism, Inka Shamanism, Sufi mysticism, and Egyptian alchemy. He has been trained in a number of psychological aa well as shamanic traditions and has evolved his own healing system known as Ilahinoor, which seeks to integrate supramental realms of primordial light into the mind-body structure of the human psyche. Through a synthetic understanding of science, metaphysics, ancient history and ecopolitics, he firmly believes we are on the edge of an evolutionary breakthrough as never experienced before. He is the author of Ilahinoor, Gaia Luminous and Homo Luminous, and is available for retreats and seminars worldwide. He can be accessed through his website,, FB page Kiara Windrider, and YT channel, KiaraWindrider.


Star Family Wisdom is a paradigm shifting podcast, community, and modern-day mystery school for your Spiritual and Cosmic evolution! On the Star Family Wisdom podcast, hosted by Jenna Layden and Sinéad Whelehan, we share conversations, ideas and information that will inspire you, and support you on this wild journey of being human. Explore ancient clues about our untold human story, real life supernatural experiences, lost knowledge from the stars, and spiritual wisdom that empowers you to transform your life, for the better.


The Galactic Alliance includes multidimensional incarnated Walk-Ins, Indigos, Starseeds, Hybrids, Untradimensionals, Interadimensionals and Extradimensional beings who are here to be in service to humanity. We welcome everyone interested in becoming part of our conscious evolution movement. We host two weekly meetings, Cosmic Conversastions, and multiple separate monthly meetings that focuses on walk-ins, angels, starseeds, hybrids, NDE, contactees, paranormal, psychic ability and deliberate creation, and the Arcturians. Plus, we hold two major Symposiums a year and a five-day Galactic Ambassador Congress where our Galactic Ambassadors share their expertise. With more than 100 Ambassadors offering their services, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. For more information, please contact The Galactic Alliance at Join our mailing list and become part of the community!


Viviane Chauvet is an Advanced Arcturian Hybrid Avatar, International Public Speaker, Published Author, Healer, and Spiritual Teacher. She is the CEO of Infinite Healing from the Stars, and founder of the Arcturian Energy Matrix Healing® modality. Her collaborative #1 Best Seller book “Wisdom of the Silver Sisters – Guiding Grace” is available on Amazon. Viviane features in j3FILMS 18-time award-winning documentary “Extraordinary: The Revelations.” It explores the historical significance of E.T.’s presence in specific paradigms. Viviane has given many interviews and lectures on 5D consciousness and intergalactic wisdom. Viviane is the producer and co-host of The Infinite Star Connections podcast and is part of The Galactic Alliance. Please visit:


Waxéla (wa-shay-la) Sananda is a Galactic Shaman, Embodied Ascension Trainer, Conscious Life Mentor, Activator of Spiritual Gifts, author, and host of The Alchemy of Ascension Summit and Podcast. Combining celestial starseed consciousness and shamanism, Waxéla holds space for humanity to experience the embodiment of Divine Frequencies. She is a conscious light channel assisting in the activation of spiritual gifts and soul codes within her soul family. She has been a lifelong extra-dimensional contactee and holds memories from multiple Earth and star race incarnations. Her mission is to assist and support the Ascension of Earth and Humanity. Website:


Beyond Being Human is "exploring our multidimensional nature" and researching our expanding consciousness in liminal spaces for an upcoming documentary. From gifted psychics and mediums to paranormal investigators, our guests have decades of experience. We connect with those whom society has historically marginalized... such as hybrids, walk-ins, or those who communicate with otherworldly beings – aka "experiencers" of extraterrestrial and multidimensional contact. Let's discover together what a truly wonderful universe we are blessed to inhabit, even if it is sometimes bewildering. Let's learn how we can all embrace "unity consciousness" as we embark on our spiritual ascension.


Bridget Renee Holliday is a Starseed, channel, multidimensional medium, and Galactic Unity Ambassador. Working internationally, she is an ascension mentor to Starseeds. Bridget utilizes BQH Hypnosis to help us access our lives beyond Earth and anchor those star frequencies into this world. She assists us to embrace deep relationships with our galactic and cosmic connections for direct and clear guidance. Bridget reminds us we have trained lifetimes for what we’re here on Earth to do. Her star lineages are Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian, Lyran, Andromedan, Aurora, amongst others. Her mission includes normalizing the conversations and perceptions around interdimensional, extra-dimensional, ultra-dimensional, and extraterrestrial beings. To learn more about Bridget, visit


Alan Steinfeld is a speaker, talk show host, and event coordinator. For 25 years he produced the cable program New Realities. He wrote and curated the book Making Contact which is a collection of writings by the leading experts in the UFO field. He has produced two documentaries on the subject: The Hidden Hand & Calling All Earthlings. He feels that only when the outer awareness of the cosmos is connected to the inner nature of the soul, will we come into harmonious balance with all creation.


Barbara is a renowned researcher of the Crop Circle and Alien Abduction Phenomenon. She has extensive knowledge of numerous kinds of beings who are different than the typical ‘gray aliens’ we so often see described. These beings have an amazing variety of agendas for the humans with whom they interact. Barbara teaches about the reasons given by them for their actions with us: physical, psychological, mental, and spiritual; helping us to make more sense of this perplexing phenomenon.


Kosta is the founder of the Community, The People's Disclosure Movement and The People's Love Alliance. These groups teach everyday people to make successful positive contact with benevolent Star Civilizations visiting the Earth and promote peace, goodwill and right human relations. The goal is to create a Golden Age on Earth. In 2010 he founded The People's Disclosure Movement which has 1+ million members worldwide who support outreach to Cosmic Civilizations. The People's Love Alliance encompasses 1 billion human hearts. It promotes a loving and healing transformation of our global civilization. Kosta says our Star Friends mentor Humanity and actively assist us to create the Golden Age.


Gayle Mack is a Naturopath, Reverend, Spiritual Healer, Channeler, Grid Keeper and author of Spiral Breath: Activating Higher Consciousness, Healing, and the Glia Brain. A Reverend in the Sisterhood of the Emerald Fire, the Universal Life Church, a Priestess Hierophant in the Fellowship of Isis (the Goddess); founder of Keys to Ascension, a source of enlightenment and spiritual tools She shares the teachings of Mary Magdalene and the Feminine aspects of God. Gayle has traveled extensively shifting energy, healing our planet, and raising consciousness for over 30 years; pledging her life to heal, protect and serve the greatest good.


Geraldine Orozco is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, C.H.T, Epigenetic Psychotherapist, M.T. meditation teacher, N.L.P. neurolinguistics practitioner, mindfulness-based stress reduction therapist, M.B.S.R. Qigong teacher and owner of Bay Area Meditation in San Francisco, she offers virtual corporate meditation programs internationally. Geraldine is now dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge of biophysical architecture, hybridization programs and the re-examination of the common dogma of human genetic timelines, historical recording, and the advanced healing of human biological structure. She is currently writing his first book, “The Origins of DNA and the Human Hybridization Program”. Founder of, an international research and support group for experimenters and contactees of identification phenomena. She is on the board of directors of O.P.U.S., the Organization for Comprehension and Support of Paranormal Sciences. Geraldine's story is now part of the 16-time award-winning documentary called "Exerary The Seeding". She is a radio presenter, artist, international speaker and Youtuber You can schedule an individual session on their website


Joan of Angels, channels angelic energies and heals, inspires, and reminds others of their purpose and potentials. As an intuitive guide, oracle and transformational teacher, Joan is known for her healing messages, wisdom, and art she channels. She is host of the Joan of Angels shows, a visionary artist, a Doctor of Chiropractic, with a master’s in counseling. For over 40 years she has guided, counseled, and uplifted people from across the world to align their body, mind, and spirit to reclaim their personal power and allow the leader within to emerge. She offers transformational coaching, soul awakening sessions, & energy healings.


Dr. Jyun Shimizu was inspired by his family’s values of compassion, a balanced diet, and natural healing in Japan. He pursued Traditional Chinese Medicine in the 1990s following his family background. In the 2000’s he expanded his knowledge to homeopathy, holistic medicine, and the Bio-energetic field. After 2010 he started integrating all aspects of medicine and healing into his practice. Currently, he is pursuing conscious medicine utilizing the Philosophy of Quantum Physics and how true integration of mind, body, and soul applies to our health & well-being. He received his Doctorate and Ph.D. in Integrative Medicine in 2020.


KAren Swain is a Teacher of Deliberate Creation, Spiritual Mentor & Channel of Higher Guidance, Educator, Inspirational Speaker, Host of Accentuate The Positive Media, Author of Return to Love & Awakened by Death, and Creator of The Awakening Soul Series. She enlightens you to the power of your thoughts and beliefs, how they create your reality and how-to live-in alignment with your emotional guidance system. This is Guidance on a Cosmic Scale, remembering your connection to your spiritual teams, Angelic help, other aspects through time and space and multidimensional selves, your soul plan, why you are here and how you contribute to this world.


Serving personal and partnership health and evolution by practicing and teaching the following modalities since 1998: Tao and Tantric yoga, Thai Massage, Tao intimate partner massage, Tantric and Taoist solo and partner bedroom arts and communication, nutrition, herbalism, healthy lifestyle, and acupuncture. Began with Kundalini yoga in 1998, taking up Tao yoga shortly after leading to training and ultimately certification as a senior instructor through Grand Master Mantak Chia to teach chi kung, inner alchemy meditation. Created Lover Skill Tao Intimate Massage system, fusing Thai massage tastefully with bedroom art acupressure from Tantra and Tao sexual kung fu, and gently integrating principles of jiu-jitsu (which I hold a purple belt in). Licensed in acupuncture since 2016.


LightNet: Experience Something Extraordinary Can one experience change your life? Science & spiritually come together to make a world of magic. We are a loving community understanding first-hand the joy and magnitude of consciousness. The unlimited potential of consciousness has been untaught and untapped. Together we can change that. LightNet began with the realization that we could bend spoons, communicate with people in the afterlife, film UFOs & more. LightNet was born as a citizen-science discovery lab for a new frontier. Can our collective curiosity help us see the world in a whole new light.


Mary Edwards is an artist and interior designer who creates happier and healthier environments. I helped design the interiors for International Space Station with NASA. My father was a rocket scientist who worked with NASA and the government designing rockets with Dr. Wernher Von Braun. I teach art to kids and Mental Health professionals. Barbara Lamb and my book, Real Adventures of ET Friends in Space, helps children learn about ET visits. I was taken on a spacecraft at age five and have 128 hybrid children. My mission is to create high vibration art, spaces and presentations to inspire and prepare others for contact.


Nadi Hana is a professional transition specialist, in service of humanity’s collective awakening into unity consciousness. She has been sharing her knowledge of how advanced technologies can help us experience our multidimensionality in presentations, classes, and workshops since 2015. She has worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the mental health field for over a decade, working with integrative, spiritual, and somatic based modalities to support personal transformation. She currently offers international calls sharing the universal intelligence contained in Sacred Geometry. Nadi’s connection with Advanced Civilizations of our Galactic Community supports her capacity to be of service in the awakening of humanity.


Portal to Ascension provides a stream of awareness on a range of conscious, empowering and paradigm shifting topics through various forms of media & event productions. Portal to Ascension is a resource as we awaken to the truth of our existence and explore the nature of reality and the cosmos.


Sage has been meditating for over 20 years and connected with Tibetan Meditation through her lineage. Meditation and energy healing allowed her to tap into her inner guide in turn created a whole new way of how she connected with self and others. In 2017 3 being came to visit her and all shared a deep meaningful relationship that led to a journey of a lifetime that would change my life. She now shares to others her story and experiences to empower the love and energy that is in all of us.


Sara is a Master herbalist, holistic health practitioner, Wellness mentor, spiritual advisor, teacher, minister, and energy healer. She takes pride in teaching those around her how to make their own medicines, grow their own food, and can it. She loves that she can grow the herbs that she uses in all her tinctures, lotions, teas and pain creams. This way she's capable of knowing exactly the conditions everything was grown in, how the plants were treated, and how they were harvested. Sara believes that people should know where their food and medicines come from and how it's treated.


Join Conscious Awakening Network Founder Sheila Seppi and KAren Swain Host of Accentuate The Positive Media as they take you on a journey with leading experts in the field of expanded consciousness, ufology, spiritual psychology and more.


Stephanie Ann Lodge serves as a beacon of light and liberation in a time of tremendous transformation. She is a gifted healer, speaker, and unique spiritual advisor as an Angelic Starseed emissary for the Celestial Councils guiding humanity’s sovereignty and ascension. As an Angelic Light Stream for almost 20 years she provides healing transmissions that support cellular harmony and quantum ascension. She has been called a planetary guardian, celestial shaman, and Magdalene mystic, but is best known as the Hug Angel. Stephanie’s teachings are organized around the 72 Angelic Dream Keys of prime creation, which empower one’s Angelic genome.


Addison Ames represents the concepts of I AM God, I AM Sovereign and I AM free. His work includes being the worldwide exclusive channel for Metatron, the fabric of space and time. While others channel Metatron, Addison is the only one who channels Metatron wearing the “hat” of “the fabric of space and time.” Metatron talks about many ascension topics and can assist people on their ascension journey. Addison also operates on Timelines, able to adjust people’s timelines, heal them, close them and allow for new growth and more. Also, Addison a healing facilitator, using Addison Ames Axiatonal Alignment among other things. Through his work, he aligns with Divine Truth and connects with high dimensional frequencies and information to help people realize Truth within, heal themselves and move onward and upward in the highest light ascension process. Visit for more.