Danielle grew up in Long Island New York and has had many experiences with extraterrestrials.  Her earliest memory of contact was when her life was saved while riding her motorcycle.  Just prior to the potential accident, Danielle received a vision of her getting into an accident that could have caused her death.  While driving 200 miles per hour, they showed her hitting a pothole and flipping the bike which would then end her life.  It was at that time that she chose to slow her motorcycle down and go home.  Another memory of contact occurred 5 years ago when Danielle  experienced an extremely emotional state of being due to her empathetic nature.  She then went outside and experienced a UFO fly above her  head in her backyard.  She sensed an immediate knowing that she wasn’t alone in the Universe and that there were many benevolent beings helping and guiding the Earth. In 2019, Danielle sensed profound pieces of information coming into her mind that she typically didn’t have knowledge of.   This led to her realization that information from other dimensions from what she refers to as The Star People were entering into her consciousness and providing downloads about the ascension. At present, Danielle receives downloads from: Arcturians, Mary Magdalene, Jesus, Ashtar Command, Metatron, The Council of Light, The Children of Light, and other extraterrestrial races.