Dean Caporella

A journalist, reporter, anchor and sports commentator for over 30 years I was mesmerized by the UFO topic when I was just 5 years old after watching the 1956 classic “Earth vs. The Flying Saucers”. Did I even understand it at that age? Oh sure. It scared the crap out of me but I was hooked even back then!

Do I believe in life elsewhere in the universe? I think it was said best in the movie Contact…”The universe is a pretty big place. If it’s just us, seems like an awful waste of space”….I think we’d have to be pretty arrogant to think we’re it”.

Aliens Revealed Live was created as a platform for contact experiencers to tell their story. I’m proud to say I have never pressured anyone of the hundreds of interviewees I’ve spoken too, to join me for a “fireside chat” about what they’ve experienced. Everyone was invited personally and while some declined which is understandable, the majority have accepted.

The result? A collection of some of the most amazing accounts of ufo sightings and alien encounters you’ll hear and see.

The ufo topic has really been put in the spotlight in recent years with events such as the ufo hearing in the United States Congress.