Geraldine Orozco is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, C.H.T, Epigenetic Psychotherapist, M.T. meditation teacher, N.L.P. neurolinguistics practitioner, mindfulness-based stress reduction therapist, M.B.S.R. Qigong teacher and owner of Bay Area Meditation in San Francisco, she offers virtual corporate meditation programs internationally. 

Geraldine is now dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge of biophysical architecture, hybridization programs and the re-examination of the common dogma of human genetic timelines, historical recording, and the advanced healing of human biological structure. She is currently writing his first book, “The Origins of DNA and the Human Hybridization Program”. Founder of, an international research and support group for experimenters and contactees of identification phenomena.

 She is on the board of directors of O.P.U.S., the Organization for Comprehension and Support of Paranormal Sciences. Geraldine’s story is now part of the 16-time award-winning documentary called “Exerary The Seeding”. She is a radio presenter, artist, international speaker and Youtuber 

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