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Co-Founders of the Global Peace Tribe For over 45 years, Debra Giusti has been on the leading edge of progressive culture, growing a series of businesses that support personal growth, healthy lifestyles, spirituality, and community connection. From 1978 – 2011 she produced Harmony Festival, a well-known music/art/eco festival that drew 30,000+ participants. During the pandemic from April 2020 – December 2021, she produced 90 episodes of the inspirational virtual variety show, “Saturday Night Alive for the Global Peace Tribe.

 “Wishing Well Promotions”, promotes transformational online courses, events and resources to 250,000 subscribers. Debra is the author of the book, Activate Your Soul Tribe and Ascension Tips. Scott had a very successful career as a writer, director, and producer of Educational Programming, where he won multiple Emmy Awards and reached millions of people through his productions. As a Master Relationship Coach, Scott has supported thousands of couples, families, and companies. Since April of 2020, Scott has hosted and produced over 500 online shows under the titles of “SATURDAY NIGHT ALIVE”, “STRAIGHT TALK”, “SACRED SUNDAYS” and “THE AWAKENING WORLD”. He continues to collaborate with leading New Thought Leaders & Organizations, including the famous and the “Next Generation” of Luminaries.