Kiara Windrider is a therapist, healer, and evolutionary catalyst. With a Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology, he has been inspired by the teachings of Integral Yoga, Kashmir Shaivism, Inka Shamanism, Sufi mysticism, and Egyptian alchemy. 

He has been trained in a number of psychological aa well as shamanic traditions and has evolved his own healing system known as Ilahinoor, which seeks to integrate supramental realms of primordial light into the mind-body structure of the human psyche. 

Through a synthetic understanding of science, metaphysics, ancient history and ecopolitics, he firmly believes we are on the edge of an evolutionary breakthrough as never experienced before. He is the author of Ilahinoor, Gaia Luminous and Homo Luminous, and is available for retreats and seminars worldwide. He can be accessed through his website,, FB page Kiara Windrider, and YT channel, KiaraWindrider.