Michele Rae is a Transformational Intuitive Coach and Spiritual Teacher. She offers guidance through coaching, classes, transmissions, and activations to individuals and groups integrating and embodying higher frequencies as humanity and the earth evolves into a new era.

 We are adjusting to emerging divine templates and upgrading our physical biology as well as our energetic systems. Working with Michele accelerates and amplifies this natural process of becoming our most empowered authentic self. This transformative process occurs as Michele supports clients gaining clarity and power through exposing and unblocking limiting beliefs, stuck patterns, and fears. Clients become more confident as they enhance their gifts, talents, wisdom, and passions. This expands their capacity to access higher levels of consciousness. 

Living aligned with their Center Within, clients choose timelines that have impactful positive outcomes for themselves and the collective. Michele is founder of The Center Within, author of Living From the Center Within: Co-Creating Who You Are Becoming, and graduate faculty at the University of Minnesota. She has a master’s degree in human development, is an ordained spiritual director, and board-certified coach. Michele offers self-paced recorded teachings and mediations. Her live classes, events, and coaching sessions are offered in person and online. 

To learn more or for questions: Michele@CenterWithin.com 612-465-9775 www.CenterWithin.com