Program Descriptions

Ancient Origins 
Learn about humanities’ often lost history, archeological findings, human origin stories and ancient civilizations.

Ascension & Deliberate Creation
Ascension and awakening are the expansion of the mind, consciousness, soul, energy, and personality. Ascension leads to ultimate enlightenment. Join us on this transcendent and transformational journey. Moving from state of being into a higher state of being is what ascension is all about. Discover what ascension is, how it happens, and thoughts surrounding it await your inquiring mind. Delve into manifestation through deliberation creation and learning that you are your own co-creator.

Art, Music, Sound Healing
Art and music are the expressions of the soul. Sound with its many vibrations and frequency waves can provide deep healing, clear the chakras, and release stuck energy. Explore and enjoy beautiful and inspirational sights and sounds from around the world.

Conscious Media
Engage in thought provoking discussions with some of the world’s top interviewers and speakers. These programs will educate, engage your mind and energy, and awaken your subconscious knowledge.

Ordinary people report extraordinary experiences merging consciousness with spirit guides, ascended masters, teachers, and extraterrestrials from beyond this world to bring messages through to humanity.

Expanded Consciousness
Delve into the mysteries of the “known unknown.”  Awaken to a new level of being. Upgrade your thinking to discover and embrace your own life’s purpose.

Extraterrestrials, Starseeds & Hybrids
Hear true firsthand experiences. Discover humanity’s links to other worlds and beings. Hear from those who have had a glimpse of the unknown. Listen to people who have awakened to the fact that they are not from planet Earth and learn the wisdom they have to offer.

The Galactic Alliance
The Galactic Alliance is a multidimensional conscious evolution movement for anyone seeking universal knowledge, spiritual growth, education, and community.  We believe that we are all connected, and that we are all One. We strive to expand our consciousness and to evolve spiritually. We offer education and support for those on the spiritual path. And we provide a community for like-minded souls to connect and share their journey. If you are seeking truth, growth, and connection, we welcome you to join us on this amazing journey.

Health, Healing & Wellness
Alternative healing, healthy eating, meditating, and mindfulness aid the mind/body/spirit connections. Explore these methods of total well-being.

Light Language
Light language bypasses the human mind and goes straight to the heart. Hearing these words inspire, heal, and lead to enlightenment.  

Did you know there are countless forms of meditation? Explore guided and unguided meditation methods with teachers and masters from around the globe.

Paranormal and the Unexplained
Discover the mystery of orbs, crop circles, ghosts, spirits, non-corporeal beings and more. Delve into these mysteries with others who have discovered meaning beyond the veil.

Soul Experiences 
Explore the evolution of the soul and the many forms it takes during one lifetime. Hear from those who have experienced personal transformation.

Philosophy of the soul and its practices have been around for centuries.  Discover new ways of connecting with the divinity within and reconnecting with your inner being. Explore the gifts given to you at birth and those you learned along your life journey. Learn to activate, grow, and transform yourself and those around you.

More and more people are reporting the sightings of UFO’s and UAP’s than ever before. Discover some of the possible reasons why, from experts in the field and people who have had their own experiences.  

Universal Science
DNA discussions, Quantum Theories, Metaphysical thoughts are uncovered, discussed, and explored by leading experts.