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Are There Alien Bases Below The Southern Californian Waters? Crop circles 2021? Are we any closer to discovering the truth about this phenomenon or is it destines to remain a mystery.

There are areas in the world that just seem to be crop circle hotspots. The south west area of the United Kingdom appears to be one of those areas.

Like ufos, the ongoing search for the truth about crop circles seems never-ending.

Are ufos and crop circles connected? We know there are crop circles that have been man-made out these but what about those that can’t be explained.

Jennifer Stein has researched this topic for more than 30 years and she makes some enlightening points in this interview.

This is the full interview I conducted with Jennifer during the Aliens Revealed Live Online Summit.

Will crop circles just remain a mystery? That’s one of the questions Jennifer answers in this chat.

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