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Episode 12 Releasing Trapped Emotions with Dr. Michelle Barry

Have you ever thought about how amazing it is that if you cut yourself, all you have to do is clean the wound and forget about it, and your body will heal itself? We have forgotten how smart the body really is. The way we feel affects our health. I think we have more ability to heal than we have been told.

The mind is where everything starts. The body is able to heal itself. Emotions, relationships, and sensory experiences like sound, touch, and smell are the windows to our inner pharmacy. If you change how you think about something or what you believe in, you can change the signals that are coming in and change how your cells work.

Quantum Decoders has been formed to bring awareness to the art of truly living extraordinary, fulfilling, happy lives. As part of a growing community and evidence for alternative medicine grows, we remain at the forefront in providing our community the most updated education and practices. Biological Decoding identifies when a person locates the exact moment in which the biological conflict occurred.

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