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Episode 16 Your Aura Speaks Volume

The chakras are seven areas of concentrated metaphysical energy that are said to run from the base of the spine to the top of the head, according to Hindu spiritual traditions. In Sanskrit, the word “chakra” means “wheel.” It is believed that each chakra vibrates in a circular pattern at its own frequency, drawing energy from the universe into the body’s energetic system.

There are seven main chakras and overall up to 114 in the body. Since they are connected to nerves and organs, they have an impact on psychological and physical wellness. For good health, chakras should be opened and aligned. The chakra system was developed in India approximately between 1500 and 500 BC and first came to the West in the 1880’s. With the interest from new age authors of yoga and eastern philosophies, chakras became a widely popular phenomena.

The chakra system model explains development as a process by which the individual begins life experience navigating upward from the root chakra with a primary focus on security and survival.

By enhancing the current conceptual understanding of when, how, and under what circumstances healthy adult development may really be attained, and complementing them with a model organised around the chakra system, the chakra system model thereby expands the established sequence of lifespan development.

Dr. Nimisha Patel Joshi is Board certified Doctor of Integrative Medicine, Alternative Medicine and Doctor of Humanitarian services with PhD graduated from International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine. She is also Board-certified licensed Pharmacist, graduated from Long Island University and an Ayurvedic practioner graduated from Maharshi International University. Dr. N is microbiologist graduated from University of Gujarat, India.

Because of it’s unique approach:Consciousness as a Human Potential based on Quantum Phenomena. Addressing an importance of emotions in health. “Electron in motion = E-Motion” – Dr. Nimisha Patel Joshi

Dr. Nimisha Patel Joshi honors health as a wholeness and adresses at 5 dimensions. Physical, Vital, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual.
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