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ETs Healings experienced on Ships with Glenda Dawson and Mary Edwards

Mary and Glenda share stories of amazing healings that occurred on ships from Glendas personal experiences.

Glenda is an Ordained Non-Denominational Minister, published author, renowned published medium and psychic, and the current Matriarch of many generations of gifted women! Glenda is the owner and founder of the Spiritual Center: Glenda’s Magical Creations where she has been blessed to grow from one room to now occupying the entire first floor of the building. Glenda is also an Emissary and Ambassador at W.I.S.H. Alliance : “Walk-Ins, Indigos, Star-Seeds and Hybrids” ( and was a Member of the 2021 Metaphysical Committee for the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt Event that is held every year in September.

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