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Magical Frequency Workshop with Heidi Sime

Master the keys to Health + Happiness + Wealth by raising your frequency!

Heidi is Tomorrow…….

Tomorrow has been living as tape on a life-sized collage piecing together colorful cutouts of self-declaration and self-illumination. She knows Life through design, art, biohacking, experimenting, meditating, drawing, reading, love, traveling, exploring, hiking, sleeping, parenting, and loving all the essential things that make up a woman too young for my age and too old for my snappy outfits. She was born from hot Polish gypsy blood and experimented with all that life offers, both deviant and holistic. She is a visionary leader in her field and Health and Wellness Coach. Her goal is to live life to the fullest in each present moment and raise her frequency so that we all RISE!

You are invited to attend a very special seminar experience, profound in its implications and stunning in its revelations

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