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Signs You Were Abducted By Aliens – When You Just Know Something Strange Just Happened To You Signs you were abducted by aliens range from missing time to strange and mysterious marks on your body.

Or a sign could simply be that you know something weird just happened but you can’t quite remember what it was.

Denise Stoner had an amazing experience during a road trip through Colorado in 1982.

She experienced the whole gambit of alien abduction signs but missing time was the most profound.

This is the full interview I did with Denise during the Aliens Revealed Live Online Summit. She talks about her experiences, a men in black episode she went through one Christmas eve, her work with the Experiencer Research Team at Mufon and the abilities she has developed as a result of her experiences.

Watch out for an updated interview with Denise where she gets into the “nitty gritty” of her 1982 Colorado experience.

Meanwhile, to learn more about alien abduction experiences plus other UFO/alien related news and information, visit: #signsyouwereabductedbyaliens