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UFOs Are Real – Can You Prove They’re Not! UFOs are real, prove they’re not. This is fast becoming the catch-cry ufo believers are telling skeptics as we enter a phase in our history where we are very close to learning the truth about our uniqueness in the universe.

Are we alone?

Philip Mantle is one of the world’s leading and most forthright researchers on the topic of ufos and aliens.

He’s been researching this topic since 1979 and says times have changed. The stigma surrounding seeing a ufo is much less than it was during the 1970s.

And close encounters aren’t as shocking as they once were.

This is the interview I did with Philip Mantle during the Aliens Revealed Live Online Summit and he covered a variety of topics including the gradual normalization of ufo sightings.

Mantle also talks about the alien autopsy film, amazing close encounters that have taken place outside the United States that would rival Roswell and he also gives us his thoughts on what the world would look like post disclosure.

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