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Wormhole Caught on Film | Caroline Cory with Kara Goodwin

Original podcast release: September 26, 2022

Is it possible to scientifically quantify paranormal phenomena to get beyond the need for “belief”?

How is consciousness affecting our health, and what data supports that claim?

Caroline Cory is an award-winning filmmaker who focuses on unraveling the mysteries of consciousness. Her new film, A Tear in the Sky, is a high-tech, scientific exploration of the UFO phenomenon. They found some INCREDIBLE evidence and unexplained phenomena in the sky, including a wormhole! She is also the creator of the amazing films Superhuman and Gods Among Us. These films scientifically explore the incredible ways we are able to go above the average human experience by using our consciousness. We cover a lot of ground in this episode, including:

Caroline shares the first major interaction she had with light beings from the other side at the tender age of 5, and how that set her on her course for where she is today.
How can intention and awareness bring the body into a healing alkaline state, without any other intervention?
From the healer’s perspective, what is the difference in working with DNA, water, and an object?
She talks about fascinating footage they captured in A Tear in the Sky, of objects appearing and disappearing out of nowhere, as well as a WORMHOLE!
What role does intuition have in interactions with ETs and UFOs?
What is Caroline’s perspective about where Humanity is in its evolution, where we are going, and when?

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