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Aage Nost grew up on a farm in Norway.  By age 25, he had learned several languages and studied science, including metaphysics and different forms and theories of spirituality. And at 25 years of age, he left Norway to go to the USA to go to flight school at Emery School of Aviation in Greeley, Colorado, where he obtained a Commercial pilot license and several ratings. He spent 23 years as a pilot and business owner. Aage Nost is the author of “Spiritual Science, Higher Consciousness Thinking and How To Access the Universal Consciousness.” He also wrote the book: Universal Success Principles and How Billionaires Think. He has 25 years of experience as a Radio host, Podcast Host and Producer, TV Talk Show Host, and Producer.   With his partner, Nori Love, they have created a MasterMind for Meditation and Manifestation of the future the way they like to see it. Nori Love and Aage Nost are also doing a very popular weekly Video Talk Show called Broadcast Team Alpha. It covers the subjects of the Paranormal, Future science, Consciousness, any aspect of the Multi-dimensional Universe, and Spirituality. Aage is a very sought-after guest on Radio and Video shows. And the journey goes on – – – 

Broadcast Team Alpha – It’s our intention to bring you interesting, intelligent conversations with our panel of seasoned cosmic wanderers, Aage Nost and Nori Love. Your home for cutting-edge cosmic conversations where we explore quantum possibilities in a variety of areas. Engaging guests who give us their take on fascinating possibilities in the quantum realms. Each brings their own life experience and outlook, to the conversation, with our never-ending stream of interesting guests and personalities.