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We are beyond television. We are a network that will help you expand your awareness, evolve your consciousness, and transform your body/mind. It’s your home for cutting-edge cosmic & Uncensored conversations where we explore quantum possibilities in a variety of Topics. Engaging guests who give us their take on fascinating possibilities in the quantum realms. It’s your Knowledge Universe with courses and live events that will transformation your life and will provide you a whole new dimension of the Universe that exist around us

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Sheila Seppi Is A Soul Exchange Walk-In. She Entered Into The Body Of A 38-Year Old Mother With Three Children And Was Instantaneously Healed From Documented Illnesses And Took On A New Personality With Spiritual Gifts And Memories She Didn’t Even Believe In. Her Life Was Immediately Transformed And She Has Never Been The Same.

Her First Soul Experience Was When She Went To Work In The Angelic Realm And Was Given The Name Nawaila (Na-Wai-La) By Her Original Star Family. Her Souls Is Now A Combination Of Her Angelic, Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian, Lyran, Mantis, And Andromedan Multidimensional Christ Consciousness Linage. She Arrived From Her Collective With A Mission Is To Be A Way-Shower For Humanity By Helping People To Spiritually Awaken And Evolve. When She Leaves This Life, She Will Return To Her 7th Density Collective.

She Is An Author Of “Walk-Ins Cosmology Of The Soul,” A Speaker, Multidimensional Life Coach, Healer, Regression Therapist, Shamanic Practitioner, And Spiritual Teacher. She Works The Higher Dimensional Frequencies To Empower Others To Embrace Their Own Higher Natures Through A Variety Of Services. Sheila Is The Founder Of The Conscious Awakening Network, The Galactic Alliance, Conscious Awakening Series With SheilaSeppi, And SpiritWay Ministries Which Serves As A Catalyst For Focused Body/Mind/Spirit Healing And Transformation On An Individual And Group Basis, And To Help Prepare Humanity For The Ascension And New Earth.

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