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Rev. Ariel Patricia felt the calling to found Sacred Stories Publishing and Media after a series of events changed the course of her life. Since then, she has been on a heart-based mission to help others share their wisdom and sacred stories of transformation.

Ariel is an ordained interfaith minister from One Spirit, proudly served six years as a sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps and has a Master of Arts in Education and Bachelor of Science in Business. She is the author of two books sharing her personal journey with Spirit and is the co-author of four books.

Now, as both sacred storyteller and visionary businesswoman, Ariel is the mystic behind the Common Sentience book series and Sacred Stories Publishing and Media. Her leadership in the fields of publishing, broadcasting, and online learning has put Sacred Stories on the map as a conscious business enterprise with a soul for helping humanity prosper and expand our spiritual awareness.

Common Sentience –

The mystical goes mainstream! Common Sentience, a first-of-its-kind book series, is proving that our direct, personal, spiritual experiences are an increasingly common and meaningful part of our human lives. Each Common Sentience book is authored by a renowned thought leader on the subject who shares wisdom and practices that expand and elevate our understanding of a specific mystical phenomenon. This wisdom is brought to life by true, personal short stories in the words of those who’ve experienced them. The result is an uncommon book series that helps each of us embrace our innate essence as spiritual beings to uplift our collective human experience.  More information on the book series is at

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