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Brandon Thomas is in full alignment with his purpose of conscious awakening. With the mission of “giving people back to themselves” through stimulating and powerful conversations that encourage critical thinking. He is the Creator, Producer and Host of the unstoppable show Expanding Reality. Who’s mantra is “The expansion of consciousness cleverly disguised as a podcast.”

His mind expanding experiences at age 18 sent him full strut down the path not taken. Forging his own as a Deliberate Creator. With an impactful relocation to Houston from a small town in north Texas. Having his first, of what would be many, highly impactful psychedelic experiences. Discovering the world was not what the media and authoritative figures had been saying it was. Moving out of his home at 18 on foot with 2 bags and his guitar. Having his first spiritual awakening ignited by the book “Conversations with God ” and his introduction into Unity Consciousness. All within a year and a half period of time.

His now, impossible to ignore, feeling that the picture of reality authoritative figures were painting as real, did not align with his observation of life around him. This has presented Brandon with an interesting set of lenses to view the world through. He shares his massive heart and love for all life with his wife Mary on their ranch in north Texas. His boundless curiosity has empowered him to become a magnet for incredible people. Those of whom he shares with the world by engaging in insightful conversations about fringe topics with mind blowing guests on his show, Expanding Reality.