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Bridget Renee Holliday is a Starseed, channel, multidimensional medium, and Galactic Unity Ambassador. She holds frequencies of unity consciousness and anchors them into the human experience.

She’s a Starseed mentor, assisting us to remember lives beyond Earth through BQH Hypnosis. Her star lineages are Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian, Lyran, Andromedan, Aurora, amongst others. Her mission also includes normalizing the conversations and perceptions around interdimensional, extra-dimensional, ultra-dimensional, and extraterrestrial beings.

Bridget communicates with the high realms and has relationships with a wide variety of beings. She loves to assist us to embrace a deep relationship with our galactic and cosmic connections for direct communication and clear guidance.

Bridget’s soul-work is offered internationally through Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Awakening and Ascension Mentoring, and Multidimensional Energy Healing. She specializes in mentoring Starseeds within our ascension journey. When working with Starseeds, Bridget helps us access and anchor our star frequencies, remember our many specializations, and that we have trained lifetimes for what we’re here on Earth to do.

Bridget is an Emissary with The Galactic Alliance. Visit for more information.

Bridget also enjoys sharing cosmic wisdom and knowledge through online speaking engagements and workshops. To learn more about Bridget, 


Ascension Catalysts with Bridget Renee Holliday – Ascension Catalysts with Bridget Renee Holliday supports Starseeds and all who are awake and ascending to expand our consciousness and remember who we are. Our channel discusses ascension, Star Beings, Starseeds, and our multidimensional experiences

Lifelong channel and communicator

Blueprinter and Grid Worker

Multidimensional Energy Worker

Ascension and Expansion Catalyst