Nori Love

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Nori Love is a Healing Artist and Vibrational Chord for Those Seeking Harmonic Alignment.

As a Transformational Life Coach, Nori assists individuals who feel they have lost their alignment due to crisis, breakups, sudden change, awakening or empty nesting to discover, realign and step into who they came to be. As an RN Nori coaches during the illness process or the illness of loved ones. She helps to navigate the hospital setting, ER, blocks to care and transitioning to non-physical.
Our body is our partner during the Awakening—Nori coaches and physically trains select individuals and groups to shift the blocks, limitations or stored trauma that kept them from their ideal health, shape and awakened body.
As a certified Hypnotherapist, Nori specializes in Awakening through Forward Life Progressions. Last but not least, and this is weaved into all that Nori does,her heart is that of a Healer.
Nori is a Reiki Master/Teacher, a Silvers MethodPractitioner, and also uses the gifts she came to the planet with to facilitate healing. Previously private and humble regarding the miracles she has assisted with. As we advance in the Age of Aquarius, Nori answers the call by being more visible and available for spiritual and energetic healing.
Through Law of Attraction, all that Nori does has come together under the
umbrella of Healing Artist where her gifts and modalities mix and coalesce uniquely and perfectly for each client she is honored and blessed to work with.
Nori works with beautiful beings online and in person. You can find Nori Love on FaceBook, Instagram, What’s App and as a Co-Host and Host on Broadcast Team Alpha Show, Tuesday evening at 8 pm Eastern and on her
show, Quantum Wellbeing, also on the Broadcast Team Alpha YouTube Channel, on Friday at 7:30 pm Eastern.

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