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Dr. Jyun (Jun Shimizu) understands the journey of how ancient wisdom and modern science can meet with technologies based on Quantum Science. He is an integrative medicine doctor, conscious entrepreneur, and co-author of best-selling books. In parallel to a successful medical practice over 25 years, he has learned and been reformulating the current medical model from ego-centered to heart-centered. With that, he started to create a conscious healing community based on awareness expansion and empowerment.


His core aptitude is to decode the hidden blockages in 5 body levels and help unlock the energetic flow within. He is aware of the gap between your true self and the current version of yourself, having different challenges.

His passion is to guide your journey to your Quantum nature, where you express your highest potential. He believes an integrative conscious approach is a key to healing through self-care and with collective conscious doctors, healers, and practitioners.