Contact Information

Glenda Dawson, Owner and Founder of Glenda’s Magical Creations Spiritual Center, in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, is an Ordained, Non-Denominational Minister. Glenda is the current matriarch of a lineage of gifted matriarchal Oracles going back at least eight generations. Glenda is available for Weddings, Handfastings, House Blessing and Cleansings. Glenda is, also, a Holistic and Spiritual Teacher, Published Author, Usui Reiki Grandmaster/Teacher 22nd Level, Karuna Ki Reiki Grandmaster/Teacher, Kundalini Reiki Grandmaster/Teacher, Elemental Reiki Grandmaster/Teacher, Right Hand Path Reiki Grandmaster Magus and Children’s Teacher 10th Level, Shaman, DNA Activation Practitioner, Renowned published Psychic and Medium, Tarot/Angel Card Reader/Teacher, Certification provider, Past Life Regression Practitioner, Animal Communicator, Multidimensional Channeler, Angelic Communicator/Channeler, and Healer, Ascended Masters Communicator/Channeler, Conscious Channeler and Healer, Spiritual Life/Intuitive Coach/Mentor, Paranormal Investigator/Remediator, and Light Language Translator.

Glenda is an Emissary and Ambassador at The Galactic Alliance formerly The W.I.S.H. Alliance: ( and was a member of the 2021 Metaphysical Committee for the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt Event. Glenda was the guest coordinator and participant in 2021, for the Paranormal Panel with Beyond Being Human Project. Glenda has participated in a variety of live in person and streamed events including but not exclusively: Paranormal Panels, Sacred Feminine Panels and Holistic Weekend Retreats.


Glenda’s Magical Creations– This channel is for anyone and everyone looking for all things spiritual! We bring you content from Reiki, Paranormal to Dragons! From the novice just awakening to the more advanced!

Services you provide / Skill set you have:  Multi-Faith Minister, Author, Inter-Dimensional Divine Energy Healer, Reiki Grandmaster/Teacher of Various Modalities including Inter-Dimensional Reiki, Channeler of Sentient Beings, Galactic Beings, Ascended Masters and Council of Nine,  Internationally Published Medium/Psychic, Mentor, Spiritual Intuitive Coach, Multi-Dimensional Matrix Master/Teacher, DNA Light Code Alignment Master/Teacher, Celestial Light Code Activation Master/Teacher,  Chakra Healing Master/Teacher,  Angelic Beings  Healing Master/Teacher, Animal Communicator and Healing Master/Teacher, Various Multi-Faceted and Multidimensional Healing Modalities Master/Teacher, Guided Meditation and Sound Bath Healing Sessions, Workshops, Courses, Classes, Paranormal Remediating and Resolutions.  All about healing the being whether human, multidimensional, galactic, from this or any other world.