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Kara Goodwin is passionate about helping people connect to their spirit. She is the host of The Meditation Conversation podcast, which explores all aspects of consciousness expansion. She loves working with people on a more direct basis as well, through mystical retreats and with her online community.

Kara comes from a mainstream background, having worked in the corporate world for 15 years prior to her spiritual exploration. Her awakening came through learning meditation to cope with a series of personal tragedies, and her practice eventually evolved to being primarily focused on connection to her Higher Self and Source to receive light and codes in service to the ascension. She has had many mystical experiences, where her consciousness expands and she is experiencing organized light, colors and geometries, space, the angelic realm, and more.

Meditation, Spiritual, & Trandformational Coaching
Channel info: Conversations to support your spiritual (r)evolution. These interviews cover a range of topics related to the evolution of human consciousness, from the energetic nature of reality and it’s implications on healing body, mind, and spirit, to the role of extraterrestrials in our personal growth, to angelic contact, to spiritual philosophy, and so much more.