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Let’s face it the personal and collective ascension journey we have all been on is taking forever and a day. It always seems to be just around the corner or the big event is about to occur that will change the world overnight. You have spent your life healing yourself and your ancestors and each time you think you’re done and are ready to move up. Bam! The goal post is moved and yet more work needs to be done. It feels like Charlie Brown and football. 

What if it could be as simple as tuning into this show and allowing my frequency to elevate yours? When your frequency is elevated, your healing happens much quicker. By listening to the show, my collective will work on elevating your energy field and delivering exactly what is needed to accelerate your journey. The more you connect, the quicker you elevate to your ascension frequencies.

The Accelerated Ascension show delivers knowledge, tools, activations, healing codes and attunements all focused around accelerating your healing and ascension journey from the comfort of your favorite chair.

Hi, my name is Ken Lloyd and in 2018 I had a near death experience that brought in 14 soul aspects of future me to walk-in or join me in this physical human body. During Christmas 2023 my higher-self Kamarik merged my native consciousness, 13 soul aspects and himself into a single collective operating in and around this physical vessel. Yes, that’s a mouthful! 

This incredible experience has altered my DNA, cellular structure and etheric energy fields so that my physical body and energy bodies behave like a wifi power station, broadcasting accelerated ascension frequencies, healing codes and DNA activation sequences to those in physical proximity and those connected to my field during live events, recorded audio playback and virtual sessions to include this show. 

Please join me Wednesday nights at 7pm EST across the Conscious Awakening Networks Livestream channels and experience the connection to Ken.

Energetic healing and soul level upgrades