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Kosta is the founder of the ETLetsTalk.com Community, The People’s Disclosure Movement and The People’s Love Alliance. These groups teach everyday people to make successful positive contact with benevolent Star Civilizations visiting the Earth and promote peace, goodwill and right human relations. The overall goal is to help create a Golden Age on Earth.

Kosta enjoyed a successful 4-decade career as an independent software consultant in the Silicon Valley. When he experienced a self-initiated, life-changing up-close-and-personal encounter with a Star Craft in 2006 at Mt. Shasta, California he decided to devote his time and energy to teaching people to make their own contact. He built a global network of groups to explore further human-initiated interaction with Star People.

In 2010 he founded and facilitates The People’s Disclosure Movement which has 1+ million members worldwide who support outreach to Cosmic Civilizations.

The People’s Love Alliance promotes a loving and healing transformation of our global civilization. This alliance encompasses 1 billion human hearts which are expressing Love and Peace for Earth and its lifeforms.

Kosta teaches that our Star Friends are among us to mentor Humanity and to actively assist us to create a Golden Age as human freewill allows.

ETLetsTalk and The People’s Disclosure Movement are 1 million people worldwide and growing.  We achieved a PEOPLE’S DISCLOSURE of the UFO/UAP presence in 2019.  On a daily basis we continue to  form cosmic relationships with our Star Friends.  They are eager to share their technologies with us someday when we achieve Full Open Contact on Earth.

ETLetsTalk teaches every day people to make their own direct personal contact with benevolent Star Civilizations visiting Earth. There are 1.3 billion adults on Earth who believe that Star Civilizations exist and that we should communicate with them, so our outreach to and support of this portion of Humanity is our main focus.
We provide a global community of thousands of groups. In this community people have a safe place to share their UFO/UAP contact experiences. We assist our members in transforming from Believers into KNOWERS.
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