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Laurie D. Wheeler is a transformational holistic practitioner and a catalyst for self-mastery for 30 years. Her work carries a multidimensional healing vibration that ignites deep shifts in consciousness, expanded awareness and recognition of a persons true nature and soul’s purpose, what she calls “the juice for purposeful living”. As a Starseed, receptor and translator of energy, Laurie works with several modalities of energy, Homeopathy, Gemmotherapy, soul regression, Rife therapy, medical intuition, DNA recalibration, and speaks Light Language. She has authored the book Oh, No! Not Another Learning Experience – a metamorphosis and presently a compilation of meditations and activity book for children, tweens and teens. Her Soul is an aspect of a collective and multidimensional lineage, who offer her guidance and wisdom for her clients. She channels many InterDimensionals, Yeshua since she was 5 years of age, Mary Magdalene, Arcturian Commander Ashtar, Egyptian dieties and the Sphinx, Sitting Bull, Emissaries of Light, The Power of 12 Angelics and many ancient ancestors. While living in Mexico, she was privileged to work hands on and transmit with the dolphins. Laurie enjoys taking people on retreat to sacred places around the world, immersing in the culture, wisdom and high frequencies of Sedona, Peru, Hawaii, Glastonbury, Southern France, Mexico, Egypt to name a few…each adventure is a different and unique experience – “where magic happens”.

Homeopathy, Gemmotherapy, Spiritual Mentoring, Rife Therapy, Soul Regression, Medical Intuition, DNA recoding, Comprehensive BioScanning, Channeling, Akashic records, Soul retrieval, Shamanic journeywork