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LightNet: Experience Something Extraordinary

Can one experience change your life? Science & spiritually come together to make a world of magic. We are a loving community understanding first-hand the joy and magnitude of consciousness.

We believe that the unlimited potential of consciousness has been untaught and untapped, Together we can change that. LightNet began with the jaw dropping realization that we could bend spoons with our minds, communicate with people in the afterlife, pull realizations from dreams, film UFOs and even cure ourselves of things traditional science had given up on.

Then our minds started to wander, if these things are possible, what else is possible? Where is the data on these phenomena? Where are the facts, the patterns, the research and the step-by-step instruction manuals? We couldn’t find them.

LightNet was born as the world’s open data commons and citizen-science discovery lab for a new frontier. We learn (and unlearn) through direct experience. We believe that our collective curiosity, collaboration and joy will help us see the world in a whole new light.