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Mary Edwards is an artist and interior designer inspired by my love of creating happier and healthier environments. I worked at design firms and on projects from homes, to hospitals, to helping design the interiors for NASA on the International Space Station at Moffett Field and at Johnson Space Center. My father and grandfather were rocket scientists with their aeronautical company that worked with NASA and the US government designing and manufacturing rockets. Dr Wernher Von Braun worked with them and visited Area 51 together. I worked globally creating wellness interiors that re-fresh interiors with my “SpaceLifts”. I’ve taught art to kids, design to college students, and teaches art classes to Mental Health professionals and to others to inspire their creative expression.

Barbara Lamb and my book, Real Adventures of ET Friends in Space, helps children and parents discuss positive experiences between children and ETS. I was taken on a craft at the age of five years old as part of the Hybrid program and has 128 hybrid children living and off planet. As an intuitive healer, my passion and mission is to create high vibration art, spaces, books and teachings to inspire and to prepare others for positive extraterrestrial contact.