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Dr. Melanie Barton Bragg has a master’s degree in social work and a doctorate in pastoral counseling and community development. She has maintained a private holistic psychotherapy practice since 1985. She is an ordained Disciples of Christ (Christian Church) minister with Ecclesiastical Endorsement as a pastoral counselor. She is a Reiki and Rife practitioner. She has taught at the college level, led multiple workshops, and consulted with organizations and churches to navigate through transitions, including educating them about sexual addiction. She works with Experiencers and helps remove negativity from people and dwellings. She is a referral source for Mufon for those needing therapy related to their experiences. Archived episodes of her two-and-a-half-year Internet radio show are available for listening to on her website, She has written four books and is working on her fifth. Her 5th book will be in collaboration with UFO researcher Kathleen Marden talking about the range of experiences people have, from positive to negative, with ETs and how it has affected their religious beliefs. Her books are available on Amazon. Contact her to lead a workshop, seminar, webinar, or teleconference, or become a virtual client at

Dr. Melanie Barton Channel – Dr. Melanie and her guests provide methods and insight into developing your consciousness and improving your mental,emotional, physical, social, and financial health

provide psychotherapy using a variety of holistic methods including visualization, meditation, reiki, rife, Emotion Code, Advanced Cell training, and Psychic Readings