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Phil Gruber is featured in the critically-acclaimed films “The Indigo Evolution” and “Metaphysia 2012”.   His passion, enthusiasm, kind spirit, sparkling wit and intelligence has made him a much-loved, highly respected and in-demand speaker worldwide. He is a leading authority on a diverse range of subjects, including Light Language, Sacred Geometry, Advanced Healing Techniques, The True Law of Attraction, The Indigos, Cosmic Structure, The Angelic Worlds, The Magdalene Mysteries, The Physics and Metaphysics of Consciousness and Creation and an ever-expanding repertoire of diverse and fascinating topics of interest. Phil is also the creator of the M.O.S.T. Program Seminar. The M.O.S.T.Program Seminar features the PLUS ULTRA SYSTEM and is unique to this program: a dynamic 7-stage success model for wealth attainment, superior positional advantage, maximum leverage and OPTIMIZATION of your resources, knowledge and experience! THE M.O.S.T. PROGRAM CONTAINS NEW AND ORIGINAL REVELATIONS CONCERNING THE ELEMENTS REQUIRED TO MAXIMALLY-OPTIMIZE THE ODDS OF ATTAINING PEAK SUCCESS. THE M.O.S.T. SEMINAR IS A NEW PARADIGM HERALDING THE RE-MODELING OF EXCELLENCE. His CD, “The Song of Indra”, recorded with Laraaji, is an enduring classic in the genre of New Age Music. He has spoken at the United Nations and his first book, a collaboration with James F. Twyman, is entitled “The Kaballah Code”.