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Have you always been drawn to Egypt or curious about what these ancient sacred sites were actually for? Come witness the re-activation of these powerful grounds as a testament to humanity’s rising consciousness. Watch a captivating recap and discover the magic that took place during the 10-day spiritual journey through the sacred sites of Egypt that took place from September 18-30, 2023. Plus, find out about the Green Orb on the side of the Giza Pyramid!

What you will discover – Discover Egypt’s Hidden Mysteries: Uncover the enigmatic history and profound energies of Egypt’s sacred sites. Connect with Spiritual and Galactic Guides: Gain unparalleled insights and guidance from expert tour facilitators and their spiritual allies. Activate the Sacred Sites: Experience the reactivation of Egypt’s powerful, energetic, healing, and inspirational “power plants” and Ascension devices, just as they were intended to be in ancient times. Join Forces with Interdimensional Helpers: Witness the powerful moment when an etheric gold capstone was collectively re-placed on the Giza Pyramid, documented in a stunning photograph! Exclusive Photos and In-Depth Sharing: Get a behind-the-scenes look at the journey with captivating photos and deep insights. Discover What’s Next: Learn about this journey’s profound impact on our lives and the world as we continue to raise humanity’s consciousness.