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Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, Ph.D., is the co-creator of Exoconsciousness. She is a futurist, author, coach, and host of the television show, Contact and Exoconsciousness. Exoconsciousness is the innate human ability to contact, communicate, and co-create with ETs, spiritual, and multidimensional beings. It advances emotional integration, psychic intelligence, and spiritual evolution. In addition, Exoconsciousness promotes innovations to ease humanity’s healthy transition into the post-disclosure era. A life-long contactee, Rebecca’s online individual and group Exoconscious Coaching™ and Co-Creative Intensive strengthen and integrate participants’ psychic experiences to advance their contributions, expertise, and leadership. Her newest book, Exoconscious Humans: Will Free Will Survive in an Increasingly Non-Human World?, examines the future through the intersection of AI and psychic intelligence. Her Contact and Exoconsciousness television show features experiencers sharing the events and questions igniting their journey of self-discovery. They reveal their shift into Exoconscious integration and co-creation. Tune in for tools and techniques for living a post-disclosure life. In 2016, Rebecca founded I-EXO, the nonprofit Institute for Exoconsciousness, to advance Exoconscious Entrepreneurs, mainstreaming their innovations and inventions. Rebecca was the Washington, DC, representative and participant in Apollo 14 Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s, Quantrek international science team, researching zero-point energy

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