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Sheila Seppi is a soul exchange walk-in. She entered the body of a 38-year-old mother with three children and was immediately healed from documented illnesses. She took on a new personality with spiritual gifts and memories she didn’t even believe in. Her life was transformed, and she has never been the same.


Sheila is an author, speaker, multidimensional life coach, healer, regression therapist, ordained minister and Founder of the Conscious Awakening Network, The Galactic Alliance, SheilaSeppi LLC, and Spirit Way Ministries. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Metaphysics and master’s degree in Metaphysical Sciences from the University of Metaphysical Sciences in California.


In 2022, Sheila was guided by her spiritual collective to develop the Conscious Awakening Network and began to invite other conscious content providers to join her. Today, this network is comprised of some of the top presenters in the field of conscious expansion.

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CEO / Founder of Conscious Awakening Network, The Galactic Alliance and Spirit Way Wellness

Angelic Spiritual Readings, Crystalline Blueprint Activation (CBA), Crystalline Blueprint Clearing/Reading/Galactic Healing , Galactic Soul Reading, Long Distance Intuitive and EQHT Vial Healing, Multidimensional Life Coaching, Shamanic Journeying, Soul Reconnection Technique™, Walk-in Integration, Walk-in Cosmology of the Soul Course, Soul Reconnection Technique™ Course