Near-death experiences change the worldview of the survivors, often shifting their consciousness to understand the healing power of unconditional, limitless love. While on the other side of the veil, NDErs often meet loved ones, spirit guides, use telepathy to communicate, instantly know many truths, experience healings, and encounter a form of love that energetically reorients them in a new direction. The captivating aftereffects of NDEs include heightened intuition, expanded mediumship and psychic abilities, child-like wonder, enhanced empathy, a deeper sense of unity with others, and a strong desire to alleviate suffering in the world. Ultimately, many NDErs embark on a path of spiritual growth and commit themselves to some level of service to humanity. The speakers today will cover a range of topics including glimpses of the future, deep forgiveness, miraculous physical healings, spontaneous mediumship, and revelations from guides and angels. They will also share their endeavors to promote healing within their communities, and throughout the world. Join hosts Tricia Barker and Shaun Lether for an adventure into the limitless love of the afterlife and discover how you can transform and heal areas of your life with insights shared by these Near-Death Experiencers.