Angelic Armor Set


Protect your energy with double-layer shielding and grounding.

The set includes the Archangel Chamuel Pendant and the Archangel Metatron Anklets (pair)

(Post-Traumatic Stress Healing Pendant)


Protect your energy with double layer shielding and grounding.

Set includes the Archangel Michael Pendant and the Archangel Metatron Anklets (pair)

Archangel Michael Pendant

  • Some background on the Archangel Michael Pendant.
    • The pendant came from working with people and creating custom Archangel Metatron pendants. I noticed the change in energies with the addition of different crystals. This particular version of custom Metatron became the Archangel Michael when this crystal set was introduced. The energy it gives off is that of protection, warmth, calming, and healing. As if you were in the presence of Archangel Michael.
  • Our Archangel Michael pendant is a tour-de-force. Peter incorporated a robust selection of stones.
  • This pendant contains two tensor rings that work on the heart, higher heart emotional, and etheric body. There are eight selected crystals which are their combined power.
  • The pendant helps our clients remain open, clear conduits for positive guidance, clear insights, and direction on their spiritual path.
  • What you can expect when wearing the Archangel Michael Pendant
    • You can feel it!
    • This pendant is highly effective at creating a feeling of calm and wholeness and has healing benefits.
    • The eight stones have unique properties: calming, body healing, heart energy, 3rd Eye activation, cleansing of negativity, energetic purification, chakra balance, protection, and more!
    • The Pendant creates an energy field similar to a dome of light around you above the emotional energy field. Thereby shielding you from energies around you, whether it is people, places, or planets.
    • When wearing this pendant, it connects to your auric field and creates a protective light around your subtle bodies of light. This force field will protect your core energy field from lower influences, including environmental, building, negative energies/entities, and people. The pendant will work directly with the client’s conscious intentions. Doing this will enable us to understand how powerful you can be as an aspect of the source.
    • The more sensitive you are, the more impactful the pendant will have!

Archangel Metatron Anklets

  • Some background on the Anklets
    • The Archangel Metatron anklets came to me as a channeled message during a healing session ~five years ago. I was told to create anklets made from tensor rings in this message. They need to have these five stones in the ring and encased in a copper mesh. As Metatron explained, keep your energy yours in the coming times.
  • What you can expect when wearing the Archangel Metatron anklets
    • You can feel it!
    • The anklets are highly effective at shielding you from all energies around you and have calming, grounding, and healing benefits(once you remove the energies bombarding you ).
    • The tensor ring used to create the anklet significantly impacts the tool’s overall use.
      • The tensor ring attributes are
        • grounding
        • balancing the chakras
        • recovering sole aspects/soul shards
      • With the anklets in a complete assembly, the Archangel Metatron anklets attribute is to keep your energy yours.
        • As the anklets have been out for a few years, we have feedback from intuitive/sensitive people.
          • The anklets cork your energy torus from one individual, blocking your ability to feel energy outside your field.
          • From another individual, the anklets create a recycling effect of your energy, so you only feel your own energy.
          • My interpretation is that it closes your torus openings turning your energy field into an energy shield.


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